4 Reasons to detox

I do one natural body detoxification every month. Detoxing gives you more energy, Clearer eyes and skin, you lose weight, sleep better and many more benefits. We all  can reap the benefits of detoxing from the late night snacks, sugary drinks, and processed  food at restaurants ( I don’t fell guilty though). I have taken just a bit and I end up eating it all. I am sure,I not the only one.

1. You Lose weight

The Weight you lose in detoxing is nothing but waste in your digestive system such as the colon, liver, and fat cells. Anytime you do a detoxification, you are going to lose some pounds. Some people lose more than others. Even though expect to lose about 5-7 pounds. The body’s intelligence will know how much weight you need to lose or not to lose. Trust me, if you are looking to lose weight you will, if you are not looking to lose weight, you won’t.

2. More Energy

People tend to sleep better and need less sleep. Making their mental, physical well being  much better. This giving them more energy!

3. Stop those late night unhealthy cravings

If your body is healthy, it naturally craves healthy foods. If you let it unhealthy it will crave junk food. When you are detoxing please don’t forget you can have some snacks between lunch and dinner.


4. OK, so what’s the best way?

No matter which detox system you choose, be sure that it gives you all of the  components needed for an good effective detox(why detox if its not totally effective). Remember that a good cleanse is not about deprivation or starvation, it’s an active process. It’s not just about juices or powders or pills, but equally about supporting yourself with fresh nourishing food to replenish your system.

Plus, once the detox is over take good care of yourself eat right exercise and enjoy all that life has to give you. And with your detox working great it will leave happy, energetic, and feeling great.

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