Essential Oils as Remedies for Pain: Does it Work?

Essential oils are plant extract made by pressing or steaming various parts of plants such as flowers, leaves, bark, herbs, and rinds to capture the compounds. It takes several pounds of plants to produce a bottle of essential oil. Essential oils are mainly used for creating a relaxing scent in the room, but it can be great remedies for pain too.

Essential oils don’t work for everyone, but there’s no harm in trying since it is made of natural materials.

Why use essential oils?

If medications aren’t easing your pain, then you might give essential oils a try as alternative remedies. Studies have found evidence that there are certain oils that can aid with the ailments such as:

  • headaches
  • inflammation
  • sleep disorders
  • respiratory problems
  • back pain

Additional research is needed to fully know how essential oils can work for your back pain, but there is no harm in trying it to your current pain management plan. Some people have shown to decrease reliance on ibuprofen or any other medications to relieve pain in just a month of using essential oils.

Essential oils as remedies for pain

Below are some essential oils that may help with pain relief:

Peppermint oil

Research suggests that peppermint oil can effectively manage irritable bowel symptoms – which usually causes bloating and abdominal pain. Peppermint oil has also been used to relieve tension headaches as well.


According to studies, the lavender essential oil can help treat pain in children after a tonsillectomy. Children who inhaled a scent of lavender were able to reduce their reliance on medications post-surgery.

Research has shown that lavender essential oil can be an effective analgesic and antiinflammatory. Diluted lavender oil provides better pain relief than prescription medication such as tramadol.

Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil contains polyphenols and anthocyanins, which can help reduce inflammation and joint pain, making it an effective treatment for pain management. Research has shown that rosehip oil and aromatherapy can effectively alleviate the pain caused by kidney stones.


How can you use essential oil for pain relief

The quality of essential oils in the market varies greatly. While you can benefit from pure essential oils, these can cost a lot. There are diluted ones which are less expensive but work just as well. Because the FDA doesn’t regulate it, you can’t actually tell what chemicals are in that bottle.

Therefore, be sure to use a carrier oil or dilute your chosen essential oil. Applying undiluted essential oil can cause inflammation and irritation.

You only need to apply a few drops of essential oil. The dose can vary, but the recommended is ten drops of essential oil for every teaspoon of carrier oil.

Before you use essential oil, do a skin patch test first to check how it affects your skin. If you do not experience any irritation or discomfort within 24 hours, it should be safe for you to use.

You can use essential oils as a massage oil, by inhaling it or add it to your hot bath.

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